Mister Felix is a creative collaboration. Singer Catherine Johnson crafts the stories together, often straying from expected chord progressions and tempo. Guitarist Robert Woessner fine tunes the melodies with his guitar and introduces further structural changes. In the practice room, Aaron and Ted fill out the rhythms.

“It’s what we do when we come together,” says Catherine. “Felix means ‘happy, lucky’ and making music with these guys makes me really happy.”

Mister Felix is an indie rock band based in the Raleigh area, four musicians with different styles and musical influences who don’t try to sound like any of them. Ted likes world music, Aaron listens to steam punk, Robert has classic hard rock roots, and singer/songwriter Catherine Johnson listens to medieval top 40.

There’s definitely a ‘70s rock influence, but it’s more contemporary folk noir. Catherine’s songs are built around characters and their states of being. As Catherine adds, “I like the way-back machine, and sometimes the way-out one, but I cut my teeth on pop and classic rock.”